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Function Description:

Collects counts and UI strings for available updates.

Function Examples:

⚠️ Examples below are generated with GPT-3 once every hour. Do not take them too seriously.
Consider them as some extra input in your learning process - reason about them. Will it work? What could fail?
// Example 1: Retrieve update data for WordPress core, plugins, and themes
$update_data = wp_get_update_data();
if ( ! empty( $update_data ) ) {
    echo 'There are updates available for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.';
} else {
    echo 'No updates available.';
// Example 2: Check if there are updates available for plugins only
$update_data = wp_get_update_data();
if ( isset( $update_data['counts']['plugins'] ) && $update_data['counts']['plugins'] > 0 ) {
    echo 'There are updates available for plugins.';
} else {
    echo 'No updates available for plugins.';
// Example 3: Display the number of available updates for themes
$update_data = wp_get_update_data();
$theme_count = isset( $update_data['counts']['themes'] ) ? $update_data['counts']['themes'] : 0;
echo 'Number of available updates for themes: ' . $theme_count;